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Don’t Make These Event Planning Mistakes in 2023

Events are on a major rebound. Attendees are excited to be able to attend face-to-face meetings and conferences, and as event planners, we're happy to have them. Hopefully these tips will get you thinking ahead for your meeting and event planning this year.

Pitfall #1: Neglecting your speakers/VIPs

Your speakers are a big part of the draw to your event to potential attendees. Well known names and popular topics garner more interest and can be used in your event marketing. It’s crucial to cultivate strong, positive relationships with your speakers and other VIPs participating in your event. The impression you leave on each individual will impact whether or not they will contribute to future events with you. I could go on and on about speaker management, since it’s one of the most in demand services I offer.

Pitfall #2: Running hybrid meetings on a shoestring budget

This one may be controversial, but I’ve found that hybrid meetings require huge budgets to be executed well. And most organizations don’t have the budget to invest in the technology required. You have to plan for videography, streaming in speakers and out to audiences and much more than is typical for a completely face to face or completely virtual meeting.

Pitfall #3: Starting your planning too late

It may sound obvious, but it’s very typical for organizations to get behind on their meeting planning early on, and it snowballs quickly. I’ve found success with shared planning docs with task timelines and clear deadlines. You can also use a project management system like Monday or Asana to keep deadlines top of mind. Depending on the size and complexity of the event, plan on 3-12 months of consistent work ahead of your event day. Some conferences book venues up to three years out!



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