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How to Keep Conference Attendees Happy and Engaged

Updated: May 1, 2023

Conference attendees networking

Attending a conference can be a great opportunity to learn, network and exchange ideas with like-minded professionals. But for conference organizers, keeping attendees happy can be a big task. With so many moving parts to manage, it can be easy to overlook the small details that can make a big difference to attendees’ experience. In this blog post, I'll provide some tips on how to keep conference attendees happy and engaged.

1. Make registration easy

Registration can be a time-consuming and frustrating process for attendees. Make it as easy as possible by providing clear instructions, a user-friendly registration form, and multiple payment options. Be sure to offer early-bird discounts and group rates to encourage attendees to register early.

2. Communicate frequently

Effective communication is key to a successful conference. Keep attendees informed of any changes to the schedule, location, or program, and provide regular updates in the lead-up to the event. Use social media, email, and mobile apps to keep attendees up to date.

3. Provide comfortable accommodations

Comfortable accommodations are essential for a positive conference experience. Ensure

that the venue is well-equipped with comfortable seating, ample space, and appropriate lighting and temperature. Offer options for attendees who may have special needs, such as wheelchair accessibility or dietary restrictions.

4. Serve good food and drinks

Good food and drinks are important for keeping attendees energized and focused. Make sure that the catering service provides a variety of options that cater to different dietary requirements. Keep attendees hydrated by providing plenty of water and non-alcoholic beverages throughout the day.

5. Offer engaging content

Offer a variety of content that caters to different interests and skill levels. Include keynot

e speakers, panel discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities. Provide materials and handouts that attendees can take home and reference later.

6. Encourage networking

Networking is one of the primary reasons attendees go to conferences. Encourage attendees to network by creating designated networking areas and events, such as coffee breaks and happy hours. Provide name badges and encourage attendees to wear them to help facilitate intro


7. Provide a feedback opportunity

Finally, provide attendees with an opportunity to provide feedback on the conference. Ask attendees to fill out surveys or provide feedback through social media. Use this feedback to improve the conference in future years.

In conclusion, keeping conference attendees happy requires attention to detail, effective communication, and a commitment to providing a positive experience. By following these tips, you can help ensure that attendees leave your conference feeling satisfied and engaged!



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