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Business Housekeeping You Can Do During Quarantine

Wow, never anticipated having that word in a blog post title, but here we are. If, like many of us, you've found yourself with a lot more down time than usual thanks to coronavirus, there are a lot of low-effort, high-impact things you can do to improve your business processes, marketing tools and generally make life run a bit smoother. Pull yourself from the abyss of your Netflix coma - I know, it's hard - and tackle one or two of these tasks this week.

Update Your Website

I truly don't think that any business's website is every fully "done" or can't be improved upon. Update your portfolio, your About section or your testimonials. Going deeper, look into optimizing your site's SEO (many platforms, like WIX, have tools built in) or overhaul the aesthetic of your home page. Use the extra time to re-read your site's copy and ensure it's communicating what you want it to to potential clients or customers.

Get Business Cards Printed

This is something that's on a ton of people's to-do lists, but is incredibly easy to push off in favor of more "important" things. There have been multiple times in the past few weeks (pre-social distancing) that people have been exchanging cards and I've been relieved to have a few in my wallet. You never know when the opportunity will arise, so do this now and your future self will thank you. I created mine in Canva, but VistaPrint is another popular option. Both are cheap and take less than 10 minutes from start to finish.


Virtual coffees, virtual meetings and phone calls are all doable right now. Embrace that we're in a crazy weird time and reach out to people -- people are looking for connection now more than ever. I have a virtual coffee with friends planned as well, so if you're not feeling particularly ambitious, try that to get started.

Organize Everything

So many options here. One thing I've done is get my millions of passwords organized. I use LastPass (free and awesome) to keep track of my passwords, and you can sort them into folders. I have a folder for each client with their various logins and platforms that I use, and then a personal folder. It makes it easier to search and find passwords when I need them. You could also organize your Google Drive, your email inbox, your calendar -- CRAZY fun, I know.

Set, Check in on, or Accomplish Goals

How are those goals (business or personal) you set back on January 1 working out? Making progress? Need to adjust them? No better time than now. Likewise, if goals have gotten away from you, use the extra time to chip away at them. Start your blog, send a couple pitch emails or take a free training course that will set you up for future success.

Like I referenced at the top, I'm all for a TV binge and catching up on reading (currently reading The Reckless Oath We Made, and just finished a memoir by Adrienne Brodeur, if you need ideas), but if you're like me, you'll get restless eventually. I hope you find the time to do 1 or 2 things to help optimize, grow or otherwise enhance your business during this period and that these tips were helpful.


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