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What You Need to Know About the Clubhouse App

Have you heard about Clubhouse yet? If not, I expect you will soon, as it's the buzziest new social media platform. I recently joined and am excited to give you the rundown.

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a free, audio-only app that lets people chat live, collaborate, network and exchange ideas. When you join - you need an invitation, and I can invite you if you'd like to check it out - you are able to find different creators and "rooms". The rooms are where you can chat with others, listen to talks on specific topics and unmute yourself to join the conversation. There are moderators in the rooms, so it's not as chaotic as it sounds. The "exclusivity" factor is definitely contributing to the app's popularity.

Who is Clubhouse for?

Most of the people you'll see are entrepreneurs and business leaders, but there are also individuals who are just passionate about what they do or about learning. It's also great for marketers! I could see coaches, trainers and side hustlers benefitting from joining Clubhouse as well. Long story short, it's really for anyone who cares about their career, industry or self-improvement.

What are the benefits of using Clubhouse?

Growing your audience: Clubhouse rooms often do Follow and Engagement trains, in which they encourage you to follow other users in the room with you, both on the app and on Instagram. You have a bio where you can list your services and tell people about yourself. After joining my first room, my Instagram followers grew by 10%!

Networking: People on Clubhouse are often in the market for services, whether it's logo design, social media marketing or business coaching. You're tapping into a network of highly engaged, ambitious users who are looking for mutually beneficial partnerships. I'd say it's a younger, hipper version of LinkedIn.

Learning: There are so many amazingly smart people on Clubhouse, and the app gives you closer access to them than any other apps do. I've learned more about pitching myself and my business, personal branding and how other entrepreneurs work.

Engagement: I can see Clubhouse serving as a community for virtual and in-person conferences in the future. Many of my clients have struggled to find decent substitutes for happy hours and receptions since going virtual, and Clubhouse is interactive, novel and easy to use, so I think it would be a great option for them. For in-person events, there could still be virtual coffee rooms, break rooms or breakout rooms on specific conference topics so that more people can join (and less crowds!).

Those are the basics, and I hope this post gave you a primer on what Clubhouse is, who it serves and how you potentially could use it. It's the most social social platform I've seen in a while, and I'm glad to have gotten in on the ground floor. Let me know if you end up joining!


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